About IQRO Foundation.


Islamic Education and Social Welfare for the Indonesian and Australian Community

Vision: To develop a solid community-based organisation applying and promoting comprehensive Islamic values to the Australian community


  •  To socialise moderate and contemporary Islamic teachings and values to the community through education, seminars, social, community and cultural events
  • To promote a balanced mental, spiritual and physical growth and development
  • To collaborate with various community groups, social organisations, Indonesian and Australian Government Representatives



This organisation began in a simple form of study circles, focusing to improve Al Quran reading skill for its members. As the time goes by, there is a growing demand for a media to refresh our souls. This simple forum then further combined with contemporary Islamic lectures to further strengthen its members' beliefs about the truth of Islam. Islam is truly a peaceful, compassionate and humane religion

With this belief members are further encouraged to offer contribution to the society by sharing the noble values taught in Islam. This idea takes form in Al Quran reading courses, and Islamic teaching classes for children. To establish its existence in view to sustain the services offered to the society, members are agreed to formalise this organisation further. Under the name of IQRO Foundation, this organisation formally listed in Australia in 2000 as a non profit community organisation, with members primarily came from Indonesian Muslim background. 

Since then, IQRO Foundation has been managing various events for Muslim communities, including its focal group of Indonesian Muslims. These wide ranges of events include Seminars and Public Dialogues, Training and Workshops, Recreation, Family Lectures, and Cultural Exhibition.
Based on the noble Islamic values, IQRO embraces dynamism, harmony and tolerance among individuals.

It seek to follow examples of Islamic way of life set by Rasulullah Muhammad PBUH, to consistently radiates the love and compassion of Allah SWT to his surrounding.

2000-2002    : Anwar Kurdi
2002-2004    : Syamsul Bahri
2004-2006    : Abdurrahman Sasmita 
2006-2008    : Ari Arwin Aldrianzah
2008-2012    : Isniarto Hasan
2012-2014    : Rudi Nurjaman
2014-2016    : Muhammad Nur