IQRO Tahseen Class: "And Recite the Quran with Tarteel"

And recite the Qur’an with Tarteel (in a slow pleasant tone and style).
— Quran, Surah Al-Muzzammil (73): 4

Tahseen is an IQRO regular weekly activity, which is served every early Sunday morning, aimed for all brothers. This program starts with Subuh prayer in congregation, which is then followed by Quran education session, a short lecture delivered by a pre-appointed participant, and a 45-minutes lecture delivered by guest speakers.

In the Quran education session, each participant will be mentored using the 1-on-1 method. IQRO has prepared six qualified mentors in total for this session, which aims to give a clear and easy guidance of reciting Quran correctly in accordance to tadjweed rules. At the end of this sub-program, each participant will be given his weekly report to track each individual progress.

A short duration talk followed after. A pre-appointed participant will deliver a short speech in front of other participant. The duration of the short speech is approximately 7 minutes. This program is meant to be as one of learning tool for the speaker and other participants to learn on how to deliver a professional speech in public. 

A 45-minutes main lecture comes next in the agenda where a pre-appointed speaker shall deliver the topic. The speakers are famous and well-known lecturer amongst the Sydney and Australian Muslim community. Ustadz Mico Yustika, ustadz Yudhi Prastowo, ustadz Abdurrahman, ustadz Romzy Ali, DR Chalidin Yakub – just to name a few. In such special occasions, IQRO invites special guest-speakers from overseas to deliver the lectures. A broad range of selected topics is presented in this session e.g. the history of the Prophet saw, family fiqh or Islamic faith. A 15-minutes interactive Q&A session is provided after the lecture for those who have the willingness to know more about subjects related to the delivered topic. 

To complement the development of the religious spirit, all participants are asked to do a 15-minute (physical) stretching-up activity, which is intended to warm up participants’ body system and muscles.  

A breakfast together then closes the series of agenda in Tahseen class. Assorted of Indonesian-style breakfast menu such as bubur ayam (chicken porridge), nasi uduk (rice cooked with coconut milk), or nasi kuning (turmeric rice) is prepared for all the Tahseen participants in the morning.

Interested to join? Feel free to come to IQRO House every Sunday morning. The program starts when Subuh praying time kicks in. Brother only. If you are driving to IQRO House, you can park your car at any street near IQRO House. DO NOT park in front of any driveways. Most of the speeches will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia, however we will try to provide English translation towards the end of the lecture (if required).

DID YOU KNOW? Tahseen is an Arabic word which meant to improve or to refine or to make perfect. 

Original text written by Abu Syarif.
Translated and elaborated by Daniel Yusuf.

Edited by Dita Augystiana.

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