Surprise Visit By Bapak Heru Subolo

On Friday (March 30, 2018), the IQRO Mosque received a surprise visit from new Consulate General RI in Sydney, Bapak Heru Subolo. Indonesian citizens who are congregated in the mosque IQRO quite surprised by the presence of Bapak Heru who newly in charge in Sydney for a month.
Bapak Heru Subolo also pleased to introduce himself and stay in touch with the residents. After brief introduction, he explained about his mission priorities during his duty as Consulate General in improving relations with the Australian government, especially in the economic field, the plan to build Smart Consulate, civil society empowerment and also the protection of Indonesian citizens in the area of the Consul General in Sydney.
He was also willing to do question and answer with the residents who are quite enthusiastic and happy with his surprise visit.
Hopefully this will be a good start for the cooperation and relationship between the IQRO Foundation and the Sydney Consul General under the leadership of Bapak Heru Subolo.