IQRO Centre Perth Soft Launch

Alhamdulillah, IQRO Centre Perth had its soft launch on Sunday 2nd of September 2018. Around 100 people; young and old from various communities and organisations came to the event.

We started the event with lunch after praying Zuhr in congregations. The briyani rice was served with option of chicken and lamb and a must salad. Kudos to the catering team, it was super delicious!

We then moved on to short video of IQRO Foundation activities and profile. Straight after, President of IQRO gave his welcome speech and it was followed by talk from Ustadz Bendri on "Managing Family in Millennial". We were honoured and delighted by the arrival of Consul General of Indonesia in Perth, Ibu Dewi Gustina Tobing who assured attendees that she fully support the effort of IQRO is doing to open IQRO Perth Centre.

During the event as well, we prepared special corner for kids with WiFi and table tennis. We're happy that the kids seemed happy among their friends and enjoying their time at the Soft Launching.

From everyone at IQRO to all those who came and helped, a big thank you for your support.

Surprise Visit By Bapak Heru Subolo

On Friday (March 30, 2018), the IQRO Mosque received a surprise visit from new Consulate General RI in Sydney, Bapak Heru Subolo. Indonesian citizens who are congregated in the mosque IQRO quite surprised by the presence of Bapak Heru who newly in charge in Sydney for a month.
Bapak Heru Subolo also pleased to introduce himself and stay in touch with the residents. After brief introduction, he explained about his mission priorities during his duty as Consulate General in improving relations with the Australian government, especially in the economic field, the plan to build Smart Consulate, civil society empowerment and also the protection of Indonesian citizens in the area of the Consul General in Sydney.
He was also willing to do question and answer with the residents who are quite enthusiastic and happy with his surprise visit.
Hopefully this will be a good start for the cooperation and relationship between the IQRO Foundation and the Sydney Consul General under the leadership of Bapak Heru Subolo.

IQRO - Family Camping 2018

Held a week before the Easter holiday, the IQRO Family camping 2018 was followed by 20 families from March 23-25, 2018. The weather predicted to rain was friendly enough during the camping. Embedding IQRO as a big family is the main purpose of this camping event. Alhamdulillah all participants felt warm happiness and kinship from the time of setting up the tent until the time to fold the tent as the end of the event.

IQRO - Blood Donation 2018

It has been the last 2 years that the IQRO Foundation has not conducted a blood donor program due to the unavailability of mobile donors on Saturday and Sunday. However this year IQRO took the initiative to organize a blood donation program by directly visiting the existing Donor Service in the Liverpool area about 15km from the IQRO mosque, Wiley Park.
Due to limited space, the blood donor program was held twice on 10 and 17 March 2018. About 15 participants participated in this blood donor program 2018. Hopefully in the future more blood donors will participate.