for IQRO in WA

QUESTION 1 : Where is IQRO Centre in Perth?

Answer : IQRO Centre in Perth is approximately 20 minutes from the Perth City, the address and the map are on your right 👉🏼

QUESTION 2 : How can I contact IQRO in WA not in other states?

Answer : Right now we’re here via email at or send us a WhatsApp message to 0479 14 14 14

Question 3 : What are our options to donate to the centre?

Answer : Most of our donation, are done via our bank account. Details are found here. That way, you can do it from the comfort of your own time and place. If you wish to meet us in person, send us an email and we’d happily arrange a meeting.

Question 4 : I want to set up direct debit with you, where is the form to do this?

Answer : We’re currently working to provide this option and we’d appreciate in the meantime, if you’d explore setting up thru your online banking (some banks are offering this option).

If you’re not sure, we have compiled step by step instructions for CommBank users. For Netbank on computer, click here. For CommBank app, click here.

You’re more than welcome to ask your bank about regular/recurring payment feature or if you would like us to find out, please send us an email and we’ll help you out.

Question 5 : How can I join IQRO as a member?

Answer : Straight thru here please!

Question 6: I’m interested to let you know I want to become a member, but I feel like waiting. Should I wait a lil bit more?

Answer : We’d love you to tell us if you’re interested, we’re super excited to know who’s thinking about joining us even though they’re not sure. At the moment, for anyone who fill this form, we’re rolling out updates about us. If you wish to not receive further update, send us an email and we’d understand if you change your mind, and that’s a promise!

Question 7 : I would like to use the Centre for an event for my organisations/community, how can I do this?

Answer : Please refer to this documentation for step by step instructions!

More FAQ coming soon! (so please ask those questions! 😃)



IQRO Centre Perth

2/45 Kent Street Cannington WA 6107