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Sisterhood Department

Kajian Muslimah (KaMus)/ Women Lectures


  • Tahsin - improving the quality of Quran recitation

  • Islamic lectures delivered by various guest speakers on fiqh, sunnah, sirah, syari'ah, etc.

          When: Every Wednesday morning, 10.30AM - 13.30PM
          Where : IQRO House, 39 McCourt Street
          Speaker: Varies

         Contact Person: Uun 0416 347 357  & Yani Imam 0433 598 850

New Time for KaMus: 10:30AM - 13:30PM

New Time for KaMus: 10:30AM - 13:30PM


Silaturrahim Muslimah (SiMus)/ Women Networking Events

Love to meet new people and also learn new skills at the same time? Come and join SiMus! 

Sehat Muslimah (SeMa)/ Women Sports Program


It's important for Muslims to keep their body fit and healthy. Don't give in to being lazy! We certainly know to be healthy and have fun at the same time!

          When: TBA
          Where : Oasis Sports Center
                            22 Garema Circuit
                            Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

         What's on the menu?

  • Swimming only (including spa & sauna): $10

  • Swimming + gym (including spa & sauna): $15

  • Aquarobic (including swimming, spa & sauna) (9.30-10.00): $20

**For those who will be participating for Gym class, please bring your sport shoes.

Contact person: Nitha 0423 550 619

Check our events page for more updates.

Rihlah Muslimah/ Muslima Outing Events


Allah has made the world absolutely amazing and breathtaking. We are even encouraged to explore it to know more about Allah and His creations. Join us in exploring the world to enjoy the view that Allah has painted around us.

          When: TBA
          Where : TBA

Check our events page for more details.

Tahsin Class for Female


Tahfidz Class for Female