Plan of Management (PoM) for IQRO Foundation

This document provides directions and controls on the operation of the premise identified below as a place of public worship (Mosque). The directions and controls are to be strictly adhered to in the operation of the place of public worship, to ensure the amenity requirements for both users of the facility and surrounding residents are met.

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  1. The Mosque will not be used as a venue to hold or celebrate Islamic events or special occasions such as weddings or funerals. The service is solely focused on prayers and religious education.

  2. The hours of operation are 8am-10pm, 7 days a week.

    • Monday - Sunday: Fajr prayer (not offered), Lunchtime prayer (15 people max), Late afternoon prayer (15 people max), dusk prayer (15 people max), evening prayer (15 people max)

    • Friday: Friday lunchtime prayer (40 people max), religious education (15 people max)

  3. A report will be provided to Council each month detailing the management strategies undertaken by the operator of the subject premises and submit attendance records for each Friday midday session

  4. One person is to be allocated for every prayer session to advise all visitors to leave immediately after the prayer session and to not stand outside the Mosque prior to the prayer session.

  5. An assigned local volunteer will ensure that all visitors refrain from standing around and chatting outside the Mosque prior to prayers and disperse immediately after prayers sessions.

  6. The facility will be patrolled by three Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) accredited parking control wardens during Friday midday prayer.

  7. Pest control by a professional contractor shall be carried out on a regular basis.

  8. The Mosque management will maintain a public liability cover during the operation of the premises as a place of public worship.

  9. A Community Liaison Officer will be appointed to have the overall responsibility of the complaints handling system. Neighbours will be notified in writing of the name and contact details of the Community Liaison Officer.