Fund Raising Department

In June, the Fund Raising Department has just launched their new brand/shop named "Favourite Things" in a special high tea event at IQRO House. They have selected the best suppliers and partnered with them to bring you quality products at reasonable price.

The motto of the brand is "Shop with Shodaqoh" which means, the profits will proceed to fund IQRO activities and also to various charity cause. This is the perfect way to shop - you get something for yourself and you are also saving rewards for the hereafter!

Products for sale:

  • Frozen/cooked food
  • Cookies and cakes
  • Ladies handbags and accessories
  • Islamic stickers

Please contact us for price list and product availability:
Ika 0452 223 407


"Favourite Things" Brand/Shop

IQRO Equipment Hire

Providing equipments for hire at a reasonable price

How to hire?
(More information coming soon)


The Fund Raising Department will participate in various bazaars in a year, some of which are:

Bazaar Tarhib Ramadan:
        When: TBC
        Where: IQRO House, 39 McCourt Street, Wiley Park

Bazaar at DPW Sports Day:
        When: TBC
        Where: IQRO House, 39 McCourt Street Wiley Park

Don't forget to catch us on those events! We will be selling yummy Indonesian food, snacks, and beverages!
Our bazaar schedule will be updated in the Events page. So, make sure you're always on the look out for this icon:


Collecting gold coins donations on first Muharram to celebrate the Hijriya New Year.

          When: TBC
          Where : IQRO Building, 39 McCourt Street

Gold Coin in 1st Muharram

One man's trash is another man's treasure. In an effort to reduce waste, we will be selling various things that are still in good condition and in working order.

          When: TBC
          Where : IQRO Building, 39 McCourt Street

Garage Sale


Cooking Class