Sehat Muslimah (SeMa) February 2019

SeMa (Sehat Muslimah) is one of the main program of iQro sisterhood that is conducted twice a month. It is arranged by the Division of Education of iQro Sisterhood 2018 – 2021; and aims for the healthiness of iQro sisters by doing sport together.

The first SeMa in 2019 was conducted on 14th February 2019. It took place at Oasis Fitness Centre, and was attended by seven iQro sisters. Despite a bit struggle to find a place in the carpark, they were eager to do exercise and have fun together.

The aquarobic class was commenced at 10.30 am.
Starting with warming up, they did exercises using some
equipment like noodles and dumbbell, followed by
stretching and relaxation. It took about 45 minutes to finish them all under guidance of an instructor. While the moms exercised, the children played with the childminders that locates indoor. That service is provided by Oasis Fitness Centre at a rate of $5 per hour only.

After enjoying the pool for swimming or aquarobic class, the guests were also welcomed to use other facility afterwards, such as gym, sauna and spa. Refreshment were also available to purchase.

Simus January 2019

Simus (Silaturahim Muslimah) is one of the main programs of iQro sisterhood that aims to maintain silaturahim and ukhuwah, as well as to share information and knowledge among sisters.

The first edition of Simus for 2019 was held on 24th January, having the title of ‘Sharing Diabetes’. It took place at the residential of sis Syarifah Tanjung (Sis T.J.) in Macquarie Fields. Around ten people attended on that day.

After thirty minutes of awaiting the audiences coming, the program started at 11.30 am. The speech was delivered by the experts in diabetes: sis T.J. and sis Oppie. They talked about

what diabetes is, the causes, the short history, the type, the risks to health, and how to manage it. The content was delivered clearly and easy to understand for those who have diverse background. There was also Q&A session. The audiences received plenty of new knowledge in diabetes as take-home lessons.

As the session finished, the audiences enjoyed various food provided by the host, as well as one created by the guest as special potluck menu. Some of them were roti unyil, rujak, martabak, ikan asam padeh, fried fish, dabu-dabu chilli sauce, sour soup, pempek, etc. What a menu!

Those who attended on that day thanks to Allah SWT for receiving many things: silaturahim, ukhuwah, healthness, new knowledge and (surely) yummy food. Maa shaa Allah, Tabarakallah.Can’t wait to join the next Simus! [MW]