Until this day, when performing its activities, the Indonesian Muslim Community in Perth always hire places and moving from one place to another place. This condition causes great hardship to do Islamic da’wah and to educate the community.  Alhamdulillah we have received information that a building as big as 254 sqm with only 20 minutes from Perth CBD, which have been used as a Musholla for five times daily prayer is up to sell.


Upon hearing this information, Iqro Foundation in Sydney felt called to save this ummah’s asset from being used in any other activities not related to the Islamic Da’wah. Sustaining the utility of this musholla become our primary objective.

Moreover, Iqro Foundation felt obligated to share their experiences and to facilitate the Indonesian Muslim Community in Perth with a place to pray, and to do Islamic education for our future generation. Our hopes and dreams are that our future generation can maintain their Islamic and Indonesian identities and at the same time able to blend with the Australian culture to give their best to the Australian Society. We believe that our 20 years of experiences in Sydney insyaAllah can be shared with Indonesian Muslim Community in Perth to achieve this dream.

In order to materialise this good dream, we are hoping your support and your generosity. Insya Allah we can work hand in hand to keep this Musholla, at the same time to commence the Indonesian Community’s dream in Perth to own their permanent place to grow our future generation.

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