Eid Adha 1436H

One day before Eid Adha (9 Dzulhijah 1432 H), millions of muslim who were on Hajj performed wukuf at Arafah. Everyone gathered at the weary land, and only wearing white ihram cloth as a symbol of equality. The only thing that distinguishes one another is their level of iman and taqwa.  

And also on that day, we were reminded again about the story of Prophet Ibrahim who was tested about his love for Allah. He was instructed to leave his family and even sacrifice his son. But he and Siti Hajar kept their faith in Allah, they put Allah first above all other things.

This Eid Adha, IQRO Foundation is pleased to be organising the collection of qurban funds from the community. Alhamdulillah we've received 38 qurban, which all had been forwarded to Human Appeal International to be distributed to Palestine, Syria, and Indonesia. The handover of the fund was represented by Mr. Fadhel as the Head of Social and Welfare Department of IQRO Foundation to Director of Human Appeal International brother Issam Chaouk.

After Eid prayer, IQRO Foundation held a small celebration at IQRO House with Indonesian chicken porridge as the main menu. The event was open to public and free of charge. What other best way to celebrate one of the Eids than getting together with our Muslim sisters and brothers?