Fund Raising Report: Rohingya Refugee

In the last 3 years, thousands of Rohingya people have been displaced from their homeland and become refugee due to ethnic conflict that happened in the South Asia region. Those refugees are forced to risk their lives by sailing across the sea trying to reach nearest countries such Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in seeking of safety. 

United Nation report has mentioned approximately 53.000 refugees has been fled, embarked from their homeland and violently smuggled by boat. It is believed that thousands are still stranded on the boats in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

While these refugees are able to reach nearest land, they urgently need basic supplies such food, water, shelter and medicine.

IQRO Foundation has initiated a donation collection as part of international community effort aiming to help these refugees. Through Department of Social and Welfare, IQRO community was able to collect of $ 2800. The donation has been forwarded on 3 June 2015 toward PKPU, an Indonesian National Humanitarian Foundation.

In the early stage, PKPU (Aceh branch) has distributed aid in the form of blankets, sarong, and hygiene kits.  Recently, the form of aid expanded to meals with beef protein and praying kits.



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Fund Raising Report: Nepal Earthquake

In the last month, two earthquakes had shaken Nepal in just a few weeks apart. The first one was a magnitude-7.9 earthquake and the second one was in the range of magnitude-7.3. It is dubbed as one of the worst disaster to have hit the country since 1934 with more than 8,000 deaths and 17,000 injuries. And nearly 3 million displaced and more than 4 million people affected.

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