Fund Raising Report: Nepal Earthquake

In the last month, two earthquakes had shaken Nepal in just a few weeks apart. The first one was a magnitude-7.9 earthquake and the second one was in the range of magnitude-7.3. It is dubbed as one of the worst disaster to have hit the country since 1934 with more than 8,000 deaths and 17,000 injuries. And nearly 3 million displaced and more than 4 million people affected.

The earthquake in Nepal also caused Everest's worst ever disaster; despite the fact the mountain was 200km from the epicentre. It caused multiple avalanches across the Himalayas, one of which hit the base camp of the world's tallest mountain. At least 17 people died and more than 60 were injured. 

As part of the global citizen, IQRO Foundation was moved to initiate a fund raising to help the Nepalese people get access to basic needs that are unavailable post disaster. The fund raising was organised by the Department of Social and Welfare between 26 April and 21 May 2015. Within that period we were able to raise $1700, which has been distributed through the Human Appeal International – Emergency Relief Nepal.

Click here for more information about the distribution of the aid in Nepal by the Human Appeal International team.

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